Monday, June 18, 2007

Some thing funny

Hi friends,
This animation i have done
in my spare time.
I think you like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, harshdeep well you don't know me, I'm from Mexico, my name is hector, I'm planing to go to Vancouver and study the same thing you did in the same school you where, ha ha and i have a question for you, i see that you actually working as animator and modeling 3D but, if it really worth it? i mean, is the school a good place for someone like me? an outsider(i see that you are from India) :D please if you can help me, it will be great.
thanks i appreciate your time.

Manas Ghosh said...

sorry 4 late reply,my name is Manas.
not harshdeep.
So u wanna a join animation course
i think u should be go in Vancouver
school of animation............